Applying the lessons of the Ashtanga Yoga practice for a healthy life.

Recognizing the brilliance in the Ashtanga sequence

Is there any danger practicing beyond an asana that you can’t do?

Here is a practice designed to heal, and restore the basic needs of an individual before working on the psychological needs. The needs involving intimate relationships, family, friends, achievement, and respect. Those all come ONLY if we have a sense of safety and proper nutrition/digestion. 

I’m doing a terrible thing and assuming you are practicing this method for more than exercise. If you are doing this practice for exercise the danger is that the Ashtanga police will give you a ticket and make you pay a fine. BUT there is the possibility of driving a pathogen or disease inside the body. 

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Your Asana is in the way

The asana that we stop at in our daily Ashtanga practice can be looked at as a metaphor for a samskara, or issue that we are dealing with in our life outside of the practice space. Each day we get up to that asana, that samskara, and each day we work at it. Some days we do better than others. Some days we believe it is possible to move past the samskara or asana. Somedays it feels impossible. 

Sometimes we simply need to shift our perspective.

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Morgan Lee
How to practice Yoga alone

I’m afraid of the dark. I still run for the bed after turning off the lights at night. The bed is safe. Under the covers, I’m protected. Maybe I watched Gremlins, or Jaws, or It and they left an impression that plays out every time the lights go out until I’m safe in bed?

The point is I’m a grown man. I shouldn’t be afraid of the dark, but I am. And only at night. At 4am when I’m stumbling around to the shower before practice, the darkness doesn’t bother me. I have no fear at 4am. I’m not thinking enough to be afraid.

The first 10 minutes of my practice is on autopilot.

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Why practice Ashtanga yoga?

There was a time when practice was a form of punishment. A punishment worthy of the crime I felt I had committed. Getting up in the AM to be alone on the mat was part of my penance. I was, Doing Time. Doing Mysore.

The beauty of these feelings being contained to practice was that I was able to work through my crap. Examine it, dissect it, experiment on it, and own it. 

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Stretching tells you the truth

We practice this yoga for ourselves, for a connection to our core, and that ripples out effecting everyone we come into contact with. Everyone we are in a relationship with.

A relationship requires two happy and healthy individuals. . .

How do these individuals survive the distance, the hours, the diets, clothing, habits of a Mysore practice?

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Give Yourself Permission

I don’t go to chow-chow-flow classes much anymore. I don’t know what rabbit pose is, or how to do happy baby, without sucking my thumb and giggling like my nephew who is, in fact, a baby. When I practice with an advanced teacher, I get precise advice. Advice directed at my practice. Advice at a moment when I’m ready to learn it, incorporate it. 

I practice Ashtanga Yoga. This means . . . I don’t know what it means exactly except, that my aim is always getting re-focused. Practicing this method means that I’m forever pulling back layers and finding new ones.  I’m a student.

When my elbow started to hurt in practice I asked for advice about what to do. Push down through the metacarpophalangeal joint of the first finger, she said.

She wasn’t the first person to tell me this. I had heard it in a workshop back in 2008, I had heard it in countless chow-chow-flow classes I had taken over the years, and dis-regarded. I disregarded it as if it were a script that every teacher said, something to sound intelligent, something to fill in the time between each 'downward-dog.' 

Find out how to give yourself permission and click [here]

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Morgan Lee
Are you part of the 95%

90 to 95% of the population will take this way out if given the option.

When The Boss flip-flopped his hand at me and said, 'You do.' I was being guided through Inhibitory learning. I was being allowed to fail and test out my fear in a safe environment. I wasn't endangering myself or others, well maybe Angela, Lu and Danny, but I wasn't endangering my future.

I was being pushed beyond my comfort zone.

Dr. Sam has a direct link to your local pharmacy and a vast array of 'gifts' for you. Western medical science has come up with a patch for many health problems. Taking a CNS depressant for PTSD, panic-attacks, OCD, or Social-Anxiety Disorder. (BACK BENDS?!?)

Are you in the other 5 percent?

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