Padmasana - the master asana

The closing asana, mainly Baddha Padmasana, and Padmasana, should be preformed by everyone. Jois states that the benefits of Baddha Padmasana purify the Liver and Spleen. One should note that the organs listed are not the western organs but the organs associated with TCM. 


In Baddha Padmasana the first two fingers once again wrap around the big toe, the entry points to the Foot Tai Yin and Foot Jue Yin channels, point that regulate the blood and menstruation. In TCM the Foot Tai Yin channel is often associated with the functions of the spleen/pancreas and the Foot Jue Yin channel is associated with the liver.  

When the individual takes Padmasana position crossing the legs on top of each other, two other main points are also stimulated. The Foot Shao Yang point Xuān Zhōng (GB 39) which is located about 3” above the external malleolus, on the anterior border of the fibula is the meeting point for all 3 Yang Foot Channels. This point clears excess heat and increases a connection to the Foot Shao Yin organ, the organ associated with the body’s essence. Xuān Zhōng (GB 39) is stimulated when the left leg (associated with Yang energy) is crossed over the right leg (Yin energy) at Sān Yīn Jiāo (Sp 6). Sān Yīn Jiāo is located approximately 3” above the tip of the medial malleolus, posterior to the medial border of the tibia. It is the intersecting point of the 3 Yin Foot Channels and tonifies blood, regulates menstruation, treats impotence, headaches, insomnia, and dizziness.

There are many other points that are stimulated in preforming these two asana but the ones listed above are main ones that are typically focused on and used in TCM treatments. 

The evidence that practicing the Ashtanga Yoga primary series is beneficial to both men and women is overwhelming. The primary series formula restores and maintains health to the individual who takes this practice. The individual who practices Ashtanga Yoga must remember that they are taking medicine with each practice, powerful medicine that effects the body’s energy. The sequence is designed in a way that promotes healing. Any variation from the sequence changes the prescription, and thus changes the benefits and desired outcome.

Were the government itself to understand their usefulness, and make the practice of yogasana, the Surya Namaskara, and their traditions compulsory for all students in all educational institutions, boys and girls alike, which would help to render their lives pure, it would be doing a great service to the world.” (Jois)

Morgan Lee