Before you go

Before the tray tables are in their upright position and doors are locked and X - checked, have you prepared for the hours of travel before reaching your destination?

Over the past 5 years I have made the 24, or onetime 36 hour, travel to Mysore India from the States. While not everyone going to Mysore travels for that amount of time on a plane/train/car/layover there is a way to travel smarter.

I'm not talking about getting upgraded to business or first class or spending extra to do so. I'm talking about how to sit in the (dis)comforts of coach and walk off the plane with a smile. Yes, it is possible to get to where you are going and not have that look of exhaustion on your face. 

This past trip to India I had a 16hr flight from LAX to DBX for the first leg of the journey. 16 hours of 'living it up' in coach. When I landed I didn't feel groggy, heavy, or weighted down by the 6" leg room. I was able to spring up, grab a cup of coffee and with ease make it through to the next gate and final flight.

There is no cure to make time move faster . . . yet, but here are 4 simple steps to make your flight 'that' much more enjoyable. And when you get off the plane your heart will thank you.