Combining my background of nursing and Ashtanga Yoga, I address medical concerns and preexisting injuries/conditions working with clients online or around the Los Angeles area. Clients get the best results with commitment on a regular basis. This way we can work together on goals which are addressed in phases to ensure a solid foundation for a sustainable change. I understand that there could be a bit of intimidation around working one-on-one or in a group setting. I offer both options to clients in order to better address their needs. No prior knowledge of Ashtanga Yoga is required.


Ashtanga Yoga Therapy

Working with clients to create a healing practice that transforms previous/existing injuries or medical diagnosis. If students have an existing ashtanga practice this therapy is designed to take their practice even deeper.


Going Below the Surface

Give yourself the opportunity to try a new 'theme.' One where you DO. Take your life and yoga practice to a deeper level and push past the plateau to reach new heights. Working together one-on-one I will hold you accountable and inspire you.