Private Sessions 

I understand that you may be thinking that private sessions are for someone else and not you. I get that there could possibly be a bit of intimidation. You are not alone.

Working with you one-on-one is your opportunity for us to address your concerns, go deeper in your practice, achieve your goals, and reach your optimal health.  

It's not as frightening as it seems, unless you are afraid of reaching your optimal health.

Group Classes

Sometimes less intimidating, group classes can be a chance for you to explore the Ashtanga Yoga Sequence in a Led Primary class or in the Mysore setting.

A Led Primary class is a guided class. Each breath is accounted for and postures are called out in Sanskrit. You get to learn a 2,000 year old dead language while learning how to twist your body like a pretzel.  

Mysore style is self-practice with an instructor present to guid and assist you through the series. NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE OR EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED